The public holds Congress in minimal high regard these days and if any of the members are bewildered about why this should be, they might want to consult the reporting of Eric Lipton in the New York Times, where he describes in detail the:

… world of destination fund-raisers, where business interests blend with pleasure in exclusive vacation venues. Lobbyists go to build relationships with lawmakers, Democrats and Republicans alike, seeking action — and often inaction — in Washington for their clients and companies, with millions of dollars at stake.

Among the locales where lawmakers repair to "build relationships" are: Vail, Las Vegas, Key Largo, Beverly Hills … you get the picture.

If this seems both swishy and scandalous to you, then allow Vic Fazio to disabuse you. Mr. Fazio is

… a Democratic lobbyist and former congressman from California, whose Blue Chip client list now includes Anheuser-Busch and UPS.

Fazio says, "To the average citizen, it might seem like there is a disconnect between the reality of life in America and these getaways.”

Might seem like?

Is Mr. Fazio saying that people who think such a thing somehow have it wrong?

Talk about your “disconnect."

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