Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Monday that the Democratic convention would not be sullied by the presence of special interests and corporate influence.

“We’re gonna put up and stand up a convention this week that’s very different from last week’s special-interest funded, corporate-infused, backroom deal, smoke-filled room, invitation-only affair held in my home state," Wasserman Schultz said during remarks to the convention's "Faith Caucus." Wasserman Schultz said that Democrats would have a grassroots convention "that is beginning today with a community festival, celebrating the Carolinas and Virginia."

But as Timothy Carney points out at the Washington Examiner, the Democratic convention is also a celebration of crony capitalism. DNC sponsors include United Health Group, "whose product — health insurance — was mandated and subsidized by Obamacare while Obama pretended to be battling the industry," writes Carney. Duke Energy, which has received hundreds of millions of dollars in green-energy federal subsidies, "has issued a $10 million loan guarantee to cover the Democrats’ cost overruns in Charlotte." Other corporate sponsors include Bank of America, a natural gas company, and a lobbying firm on K Street. Read Carney's full post here.

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