From the latest Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraising email:

Dear XXXX,

Don't call my bluff.

These were the strong words President Obama had for Eric Cantor, leader of the Congressional “Hell No” Caucus. These Republicans are so bent on destroying the president, they’re willing to create an economic meltdown to try to tie it on the Democrats.

The president and Democrats are holding strong against this obstinacy, but in no time, the GOP will go on the attack. If a debt ceiling deal is not reached, they will spend millions blaming Democrats. And we will need to fight back against every single lie.

Here's the Politico account of the meeting:

“Eric, don’t call my bluff,” the president said, warning Cantor that he would take his case “to the American people.” He told Cantor that no other president — not Ronald Reagan, the president said — would sit through such negotiations.

Now I'm no Phil Ivey, but I'm pretty sure that announcing to everyone in the room that you're bluffing is very, very poor way to play poker.

And in a related matter, Eric Cantor's office just sent out the following email:

Just yesterday, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Reid, Senator Schumer and their brave background aides DISPUTED Eric Cantor’s assertion that President Obama lost his cool and abruptly ended the meeting at the White House. Today they are fundraising off of the fact that he did just that.

Note to the 4th Estate: Time to revaluate which sources you can trust.

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