Need a break from poring over polls from endangered Democratic congressional districts? It's a lot of fun, but you can't really do it twelve hours a day. So when you need that change of pace, pick up the witty, clever, and thought-provoking Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America. Its author is a novelist and screenwriter writing under the pseudonym "David Kahane." One of the blurbists (blurbers?) on the back bookjacket of Rules says it well: "Most tough guys aren't funny, and lots of funny people are wimps. Kahane is a funny tough guy. It's a rare combination, and one to be cherished. And his toughness is an intellectual toughness in the service of freedom--even better."

So read the book. You'll laugh--and think. Then you can go back to the latest polls.

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