By noon today, the Dow Jones Industrial Index had tanked by yet another 400 points. So what's a hands-on, crisis-oriented president to do? Should he let the veritable army of in-house chefs crank out another executive lunch from the White House kitchen and stay close to the unfolding mayhem of the global financial crisis? Good golly, no—that’s what those üntermenschen predecessors would have done! No, our decliner in chief heads out on the town for lunch with a clutch of young campaign volunteers who’d won a contest for their essays about organizing, the White House says. Got to make time to nurture the Leaders of Tomorrow! And there’s no doubt they all had a memorable ride, as the armored presidential caravan of tinted-glass SUVs completely cleared a solid 24 blocks of busy Pennsylvania Avenue, there and back! Fittingly, the president of the United States and the entourage were headed to Southeast D.C.’s comfort food hotspot, Ted’s Bulletin—a neighborhood eatery with a Depression-era theme. We’ll have a Po Boy and some water, please—plus a double helping of pre-nostalgia!

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