At the New York Times, Maureen Dowd is outraged at what she calls Chelsea Clinton's "cashing in to help feed the rapacious, gaping maw of Clinton Inc." Here's an excerpt, from her July 12 column, on the former first daughter's $75,000 speaking fee:

There’s something unseemly about it, making one wonder: Why on earth is she worth that much money? Why, given her dabbling in management consulting, hedge-funding and coattail-riding, is an hour of her time valued at an amount that most Americans her age don’t make in a year? (Median household income in the United States is $53,046.)

If she really wants to be altruistic, let her contribute the money to some independent charity not designed to burnish the Clinton name as her mother ramps up to return to the White House and as she herself drops a handkerchief about getting into politics.

Or let her speak for free. After all, she is in effect going to candidate school. No need to get paid for it, too.

Read the whole thing, which really serves as an appetizer to an upcoming book by our WEEKLY STANDARD colleague, Daniel Halper. Halper's book, Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, covers much of the Clinton family's "unseemly" business doings, and it's available on July 22. Pre-order your copy here.

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