Writing in the Daily Beast, Mark McKinnon argues that a Hillary/Jeb contest in 2016 would be good for the nation. (Not to mention, good for business.) His arguments amount to the usual pap, made without much rigor or, even, conviction. That is, Hillary & Jeb are both experienced. Not too partisan. Real policy chops. So on.

But there is one little item that catches your otherwise flagging attention. Mr. McKinnon asserts that in such a contest, voters would be treated to


Donnez mois une breaks, Mon, one thinks. Does not Mr. McKinnon realize that Messrs Lincoln and Douglas actually a) disagreed on what one might call “the big issues,” b) had the ability to say things in compelling fashion, and c) actually believed in what they said.

But, then, they suffered from not having access to the services of the kind of consultants available to Jeb and Hillary.

Their loss.

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