Michael Dukakis, the former Democratic presidential nominee, could be appointed to fill John Kerry's Senate seat as a "placeholder," reports indicate. Kerry is expected to be named secretary of state by President Barack Obama.

With Kerry then moving out of the Senate, Governor Deval Patrick will have to appoint someone to replace Kerry. That person could be Dukakis, if Patrick is looking only for a "placeholder," someone who would not run in the special election for that Senate seat.

But Kerry has not officially been nominated for the secretary of state position.

“He’ll most likely appoint a placeholder. A lot of people speculating that’s Mike Dukakis,” Boston political consultant Jim Spencer tells the Hill newspaper. “That’s the most obvious choice. Everybody thinks it’s Dukakis.”

Patrick and Dukakis are reportedly very close.

Another possibile appointment is the wife of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Vicki Kennedy. Ted Kennedy who represented Massachusetts for nearly 50 years in the Senate.

Vicki Kennedy has no political experience. Dukakis, however, has tons.

He served in the state house of representatives and as two terms as governor. Dukakis's failed presidential bid was in 1988, against George H.W. Bush.

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