According to Fox (and others) Mitt Romney's son, Tagg “is reportedly considering a run for the open U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.”

Leading one to ask ... why? Mr. Romney hasn't held public office. His experience in politics, so far, amounts to advising his father in his two unsuccessful Presidential campaigns. He isn't identified with any particular school of thought or body of ideas when it comes to public policy. Hasn't written any books suggesting that he has thought through any of the issues of the day.

So if he were to run, he would be counting on name recognition and, one assumes, very deep family pockets. It would be a dynastic enterprise, owning more to vanity than anything else.

The likelihood is that whoever runs as the Republican candidate to replace John Kerry will lose. It is Massachusetts, after all. Given the certainty of defeat, perhaps the Republicans should look for a candidate who is willing to campaign on ideas. One who will raise the big issues and force the debate in a way that might contribute to the eventual rehabilitation of the Republican party rather than that of the Romney name.

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