President Obama’s appearance in Boston was the second most important event in that city yesterday and it was so far behind that it couldn’t even see the first one. Still, the President did say a couple of interesting things, including an affable suggestion for those who are feeling forsaken, betrayed, and double-crossed because they thought they could keep health insurance policies they liked and are receiving cancellation notices. (But you promised, some of them must be thinking.)

To them, the president offered this:

So if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. That what it's for.

Which would go down a little more easily if … well, if the web site actually worked. But, in fairness, that is a detail and the president is a big-picture guy.

And, then, there is the matter of privacy, security … whatever you want to call that thing that is endangered and heading for utter extinction. (NSA spies on Google and Google spies on everyone.)

It seems that if you do get through and can “shop around,” on, some hacker somewhere might soon be shopping with your credit card.

Oh, well.

Or, as Kathleen Sebelius says:


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