In advance of Monday's likely fruitless talks with Iran in Moscow, the Emergency Committee for Israel has released the following ad:

"President Obama has spent four years talking," the voiceover in the ad states, "and Iran has spent four years building ... a secret nuclear site, nuclear fuel near weapons level, long-range missiles. Obama is still talking. And Iran has enough fuel for five nuclear bombs."

The ad concludes, "Talking isn't working. It's time to act before it's too late."

ECI executive director Noah Pollak released the following statement: "President Obama says we must prevent the Iranian regime from getting nuclear weapons. Yet talking isn't accomplishing this goal. Today, Iran has six times more enriched uranium than when President Obama came into office — enough for five nuclear bombs. We fear that the Obama administration is now intent on kicking the can down the road past the election. The Emergency Committee urges the president to live up to his promise to stop Iran. Don't delay. Don't ask others to do our job for us. It's time to act."

BuzzFeed reports that the ad will hit television airwaves "in New York and Washington DC beginning today, on Sunday political shows, and during weekend sporting events, with additional markets to follow next week, according to the group."

And though BuzzFeed tells its readers to "Wait for the explosions at the end," the reporter, Zeke Miller, seems to have misread the ending of the ECI ad. It's not an explosion; it's an Iranian missile launch.

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