Off the top of his head, Democratic Senate candidate Ed Markey of Massachusetts can't think of a tax increase proposed by his party that he's opposed. Speaking to reporters, Markey, a longtime member of the House of Representatives, couldn't say if he'd voted against an income tax increase.

"Are there areas where you've broken with your party leadership where they've pushed for some kind of tax increase and you've said no?" a reporter asked Markey.

"I'm sorry, excuse me?" Markey responded.

"Is there an instance where the party leadership, the Democratic leadership pushed for a higher tax, an income tax increase, and you've said no?" the reporter tried again.

"Um, well, I would review my record, and I will get back to you on that," Markey said. Watch the video below:

Markey is running to fill the Senate seat once held by secretary of state John Kerry. His Republican opponent is Gabriel Gomez, a first-time candidate and retired Navy SEAL. The special election is June 25.

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