Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts who defeated Republican Scott Brown in 2012, has sent out a fundraising email to encourage supporters to donate to New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Brown announced Friday he is forming an exploratory committee to run against Shaheen for her U.S. Senate seat. Warren's email urges people to "beat Scott Brown again."

Read the email below:


It just happened: A few minutes ago, Scott Brown officially announced that he’s forming an exploratory committee to run against my friend Jeanne Shaheen for the Senate in New Hampshire.

Scott Brown may have moved to the Granite State, but we’re not going anywhere.

Will you help us raise $25,000 for Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign right now? Let’s remind Scott Brown what he’s still up against if he runs for the Senate in New Hampshire.

In 2012, we ran a campaign based on our values.

We said we were tired of a system rigged against working families, tired of values in Washington built on lobbyists' money and influence, tired of one of “Wall Street’s favorite congressmen.” We said we wanted real accountability even for the biggest banks, and that we wanted to build a better future where the rules don’t always tilt for the big guys.

We had that fight, and we won. Now we need to win again.

You are the strongest grassroots team in the country. Together we’ve stood up the most powerful special interests. We’re not afraid of a tough fight. So it’s time to get to work.

Make a donation to Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign right now.

Thank you for being a part of this,


P.S. I know Jeanne is a tough fighter, but please help me show Scott Brown what he’s up against by donating to Jeanne’s campaign right now:


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