Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren turned down a cake celebrating the Occupy Wall Street movement's first birthday on Monday. Staffers from the state Republican party tried to hand her the cake at a press conference, the Boston Herald reports:

Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren dodged an effort by state Republicans today to tie her to the Occupy movement, when she left a campaign event by a side door avoiding two Republican operatives standing on a Dorchester sidewalk with a melting sheet cake in their hands.

“We just wanted to give her some cake,” lamented one of the festively dressed press conference crashers, whose “Occupy” birthday cake was dedicated to “the Matriarch of Mayhem.”

Warren has said she "created much of the intellectual foundation" for what the Occupy movement does, a statement Republicans have employed against her in her campaign against GOP senator Scott Brown.

Here's an image of the cake, which has a quotation from Warren ("I support what they do") and a photograph of a particularly violent Occupy protest:

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