The administration has made climate change its signature issue until something better comes along. This means that the the EPA will be walking point. After all, no new environmental legislation will be coming out of Congress. President Obama didn’t ever try for that when his party had majorities in both the House and the Senate.

Of course the weather was nicer back then, so Washington may not have felt the urgency.

So, it will be up to the Environmental Protection Agency which has a history of imposing regulations on the population like a Roman consul issuing decrees which the subject people must obey or be crucified. (One EPA commissar actually did use that kind of language.)

So what sort of outfit is this EPA from which we can expect to be hearing so much?
Well, the sort that pays out, as Eric Katz at Government Executive writes:
… retention bonuses to employees without verifying the payments were necessary, according to an audit, and the employees may soon have to give back the awards. The EPA paid more than $667,000 in retention bonuses to 13 employees from 2006 through 2013. For 10 of those workers, however, the EPA failed to document any recertification as required by federal statute. This failure of oversight resulted in nearly half a million dollars in uncertified incentive payments, the EPA inspector general found.
Well, that is just paperwork. Says nothing about the quality of the personnel who work at the agency. What about, for example, the one who spent spent 120 hours a month, while on the job, watching pornography?
Well, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, he got a performance bonus.
He must have been real good at watching that stuff.
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