While the recall election is over, Wisconsites won't get a break from politics and elections. In the U.S. Senate race to replace retiring Democrat Herb Kohl, there's a four-man battle for the Republican nomination and one candidate, businessman Eric Hovde, is on air with a new TV ad campaign. The spot features Hovde's two daughters telling voters that the big-spending, debt-increasing Senate won't like having their dad around. Watch the ad below:

In the August 14 primary, Hovde faces former governor and secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, former congressman Mark Neumann, and speaker of the state assembly Jeff Fitzgerald.

The Hovde campaign has been on air with ads for over a month, aiming to increase the relatively unknown Hovde's name ID. An internal poll released in May showed that Hovde has done just that, moving from 27 percent name ID in February to 71 percent in May.

In the same poll, Thompson remains in the lead with 30 percent, with Hovde just behind him at 27 percent, Neumann at 23 percent, and Fitzgerald at 10 percent. That was a big jump for Hovde from February, when he registered just 1 percent compared with 38 percent for Thompson, 30 percent for Neumann, and 16 percent for Fitzgerald.

Still, Thompson remains at an advantage against his opponents, with universal name recognition and high favorability ratings. Thompson is also the only Reublican candidate to consistently poll ahead of the Democratic candidate, congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. A PPP/Daily Kos poll taken in mid May, however, showed Hovde slightly leading Baldwin, 45 percent to 41 percent.

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