GM’s woes continue. As James R. Healey of USA Today reports:

Federal safety regulators say that not only are General Motors ignition switches defective, so is GM's website for determining if you are driving one of the defective cars.

The website is, of course, entirely the creation of the “new” GM. The one that Joe Biden tells us was so gloriously rescued by his boss. It cannot be blamed on the previous administration, Mitt Romney, the Tea Party, or anyone other than the company that was saved by the taxpayers. And this company has created a website where:

People who use the GM "VIN look-up" site are told their cars aren't part of an active recall if the repair parts aren't yet available, even when the cars are, in fact, being recalled. VIN is the vehicle identification number. GM and other automakers maintain websites that allow owners to check for recalls by plugging in their vehicle's VIN. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said late Friday that it "determined that owners of some recalled GM vehicles are receiving incorrect and misleading results" using the automaker's VIN look-up system.

Washington is on the case, however, and:

… said it told GM to fix the system and tell owners about the problem.

Feeling certain, no doubt, that this would take care of it and all would copacetic.

Wouldn’t it be nice, one thinks, if we could get a do-over and just let old GM go bankrupt?

Didn’t someone suggest that?

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