As Salon reports, President Obama is trying to raise money on his campaign website by suggesting that he is more pro-Israel than the Republican presidential candidates. Because if you care about Israel, the Obama campaign wants to suggest, you're going to support the president over the current crop of Republicans (Romney, Perry, and Gingrich, in particular) who "all say they would cut foreign aid to Israel--and every other country--to zero."

Here's an image of the donation page on, which apparently is where you land after clicking on Facebook ads:

The Salon piece, appropriately titled "Obama's dishonest Israel ads," reports: "It’s worth noting that the Obama ads are incredibly dishonest. First of all, the Republican candidates were talking about setting foreign aid at zero each year as a starting point in discussions about how much to give, not setting it at zero as a matter of policy."

It's just false advertising. At the Republican Jewish Coalition conference last week in Washington, Perry explicitly said the opposite. "Strategic defense aid to Israel will increase under a Perry administration," the Texas governor said. Romney's campaign, too, as Salon notes, says it's not going to zero out Israel's ad.

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