Baseball has a way of distracting us, at least momentarily, from the routine stuff. Both the boring and the distressing. Santiago found it easier to bear all those fishless days by reading about the "Great DiMaggio" who, as all fans know, was famous for going so many days hitting safely.

So thanks be to Tim Lincecum who threw a no-hitter last night. It was not a masterpiece, as it took Lincecum 148 pitches to get it done. Only one pitcher in the history of the game required more. Still, Lincecum had some good stuff, striking out 13, walking one, and hitting one.

Lincecum's toils to get the no-hitter mirrored his struggles since his back-to-back Cy Young seasons, making the accomplishment that much more admirable.

A fine piece of work.

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