If your dishwasher isn't performing the way it used to (because of an obscure political-environmental battle in Spokane, Washington) there may be hope for fixing your "new and improved" dish detergent. Reader P.J. writes in with the results of some rigorous practical trials:

I've had some considerable success with the recipe below:

1 small box powdered DW deterg (I used Cascade)

1/3 cup powdered TSP (trisodium phosphate)

Using a kitchen whisk and a big pyrex or other nonreactive bowl, and starting with about half the detergent in the bowl, begin to sort of sprinkle in the TSP and whisk it in . . continuing by adding the rest of the detergent and ditto the TSP.

Remain well back from the bowl as the powder of either one is no fun to breathe or get in eyes. Put it in a handy jar (or not very handy if you have little 'uns). Then be sure to use just the minimum measurement as too much don't work properly. (I was so used to liquids and those little capsules it took a bit to get this bit right.)

Even my greenest friends have asked for the recipe.

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