The latest Purple Strategies poll finds that, in Florida, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is running slightly ahead of President Barack Obama, 47 percent to 45 percent. Seven percent of the poll's respondents are undecided.

Florida is traditionally a key swing state--considered a must-win in the 2012 election. In the 2008 election, Obama won the state with 50.9 percent of the vote, while Republican John McCain received 48.4 percent of the vote.

Fifty percent of Floridians now disapprove of Obama, while 46 percent approve. (Four percent aren't sure.) Forty-five percent view Romney favorably, and 44 percent view the Republican unfavorably. (Twelve percent aren't sure.)

In Florida, the poll finds, 66 percent of the respondents believe the economy is "staying about the same" or "getting worse." Only 33 percent believe the economy is "getting better." (One percent aren't sure.)

Seventy-seven percent say that, locally, it's "difficult to find" jobs, while only 14 percent says that there are "plenty" of local jobs.

Yet Floridians remains optimistic: 51 percent say the country's "best days" are ahead of us. Thirty-five percent say the best days are "behind us," and 13 percent aren't sure.

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