Anybody who’s ever used a bathroom in Japan, where the commodes have more flashing buttons than the space shuttle, knows that East Asian nations take their toilets seriously. So The Scrapbook wasn’t hugely surprised in 2009 when a restaurant called Modern Toilet opened in Taipei. According to Time, at Modern Toilet, “The servers bring your meal atop a mini toilet bowl .  .  . you sip drinks from your own plastic urinal (a souvenir), and soft-swirl ice cream arrives for dessert atop a dish shaped like a squat toilet.” This was likely a highly sophisticated commentary on the relationship between man and food in an urbanized society gimmick.

Now, it turns out, the South Koreans are vying to outdo their neighbors in their love of all things toilet. The “world’s first toilet theme park” has opened in Suwon, South Korea. The “Restroom Cultural Park” is reported to house a toilet-shaped house, an exhibition featuring toilet-themed art, and a collection of WC signs from around the world. There’s no word yet on how the Taiwanese—or the Chinese or Japanese, for that matter—will respond to this act of toilet-appreciation one-upmanship. In the meantime, we’ll leave the crappy jokes about this state of affairs to other wags.

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