There is much to lament about the rise of social media and the damage it has done to ordinary human activities and interactions. And now we learn that it is leeching away the loyalty of American college students for their football teams. Attendance in the student section is down in, of all places, the Southeastern Conference where they play the best football, produce the most champions, and fans organize their fall schedules, if not their entire lives, around the games.

Students, though, increasingly less so. As Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal reports:

Georgia students left empty 39% of their designated sections of Sanford Stadium over the last four seasons, according to school records of student-ticket scans.

And even Alabama, national champions in three of the last four years, saw:

32% of student seats … between 2009 and 2012.

One possible explanation for this unexpected variation on the old curse of "student apathy" is the fact that:

... many stadiums are such dead zones that "you can't text, Instagram or tweet," said Georgia senior Kim Baltenberger.

And the problem is?

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