As they shift focus to education-reform star Florida, GOP presidential candidates would do well to join the host of Americans and legislators marking School Choice Week this week with rallies, speeches, gatherings, and general enthusiasm.

A number of well-liked, effective, and even presidential governors—including Indiana’s Mitch Daniels, Virginia’s Bob McDonnell, New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, and Florida’s Jeb Bush—have expended their political capital on expanding school choice. What the Wall Street Journal termed “The Year of School Choice” in 2011 looks likely to repeat in 2012.

It’s a chance to crack a smile and take a break from the nailbiting tit-tat of the primaries to celebrate policies that are good for families, taxpayers, and the economy. Participants include everyone from Democrats for Education Reform to the Heritage Foundation to small-town private schools.

On second thought, perhaps the candidates should stay away so the rest of us can enjoy a posturing-free few moments.

Visit SCW’s website to find an event near you. If you can’t attend physically, breeze through their website a few times this week to check out the real-time updating feed of blog posts, pictures, tweets, and videos. As usual, ReasonTV has some engaging video.

Joy Pullmann is managing editor of School Reform News and an education research fellow at The Heartland Institute.

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