Texas senator John Cornyn asked former IRS chief Douglas Shulman to apologize to his constituents for the IRS's wrongdoings. Shulman refused. Here's the exchange:

"Mr. Shulman," said Cornyn, "I wonder if you have any words of apology for my constituents and others who feel like the public trust has been violated by IRS."

"I am deeply, deeply saddened by this whole set of events," said Shulman. "I've read the IG's report, and I very much regret that it happened and that it happened on my watch."

Cornyn asked, "Is that an apology?"

Shulman responded, "To your constituents, I don't know the details of your constituents. I do not know what happened to them. I didn't look at particular constituent and taxpayer matters. I mean, as a general principle, as the IRS commissioner, I didn't touch individual cases, and I certainly didn't touch cases that involved political activity, so if i knew the details of it, I could give you an answer."

Cornyn replied, "So it's not your responsibility? The buck doesn't stop with you?"

The former IRS commissioner claimed, "I certainly am not personally responsible for creating a list that had inappropriate criteria on it. And what I know with the full facts that are out is from the inspector general's report which doesn't say that I am responsible for that. With that said, this happened on my watch. And I very much regret that it happened on my watch."

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