Former Obama intelligence official Dennis Blair, an admiral, blamed leaks on the "trend" being set "at the top of this administration":

"You've heard the press's side there," said the ABC host. "Admiral Blair, you were in the White House. The leak investigations have been quite intense in the Obama White House."

"Right," said Blair, the former Director of National Intelligence. "And they have been directed, the ones that I knew about, mostly against the U.S. government employees who were talking with reporters which is where I think they should be directed. I know of no institution in America better able to defend itself than the press. So I think that will work out okay. But what I think is that the leaking at the top of this administration ... is what sets the tone for those below. And I think that most of the -- most of what administration spokesmen should talk about with reporters should be talked about on the record, with their names attached to it. To set an example so that those further down the line don't think that leaking is the way it's done, the way it should be done."

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