In a Sunday story in the New York Times, former congressman Patrick Kennedy alleged "quid pro quo" access to the White House. After telling the Times it's "how this business works,” Kennedy said, "If you want to call it ‘quid pro quo,’ fine."

As the Times reported then, Kennedy has given $35,800 toward Obama's reelection effort. And he has been "seeking administration support for a nonprofit venture," which explains his investment of such a large amount of money.

But that's not all Kennedy's done for Obama and his team.

The Obama 2012 campaign just released a list of their fundraising bundlers in the last quarter. On that list is former congressman Kennedy, the son of the late senator Ted Kennedy.

The Obama campaign says that Kennedy has bundled between $50,000 to $100,000.

It's no doubt another smart investment on his part, if, as Kennedy alleges, it's the price of admission to White House meetings.

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