According to Politico, the Obama campaign's new video, titled "Forward," may in fact prefigure a new Obama campaign slogan.

The most famous modern use of "Forward" to characterize a major political effort was in the “Great Leap Forward,” in China, sixty years ago. We know President Obama has lamented that he's not president of China, because it's so much easier to run things there. Is there a little sublimated wishful thinking in his choice of his new campaign slogan?

Of course, the Great Leap Forward didn't turn out too well for the people of China. But Mao stayed in power, and launched the Cultural Revolution a few years later. So if "Forward" is the slogan for the Obama campaign, would "Cultural Revolution" be the slogan for the second term?

Who knows? But perhaps President Obama might rethink this slightly creepy slogan.

UPDATE: Even worse, Obama may have borrowed the slogan from MSNBC!

UPDATE II: A friend remembers an earlier instance of an Obama administration official citing Mao.

UPDATE III: A reader writes in, "'Forward' is also the motto of the state of Wisconsin: 'Reflecting Wisconsin's continuous drive to be a national leader, the state adopted "Forward" as the official state motto in 1851.' Perhaps President Obama secretly wishes he was Gov. Scott Walker."

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