In Iowa last night, a chant of "four more beers!" broke out for President Obama, and he offered to buy beers for 10 people, but not for a supporter of Mitt Romney. Via the pool report:

As promised, Potus greeted Queen Abrah, asked her if she was a college student, and took a photo with her and a bunch of other people.

Across the street, a rowdy crowd in a beer tent was chanting "Four more years!" Which seemed to please Potus greatly. One person in the crowd had a Romney sign.

Potus walked over to the crowd and started shaking hands. Meanwhile, Mike Cunningham, 47, whose family has owned the Bud Tent since 1947, awaited, ready to pour Potus his beer. Before Potus walked over, Mr. Cunningham said business had been going good until around 5 pm when the Secret Service shut him down in advance of Potus arrival.

Finally Potus came over. "Hey everyone whose over 21, you gotta buy a beer!" Someone yelled, "is it on you?"

Potus said: "let me see what's in my wallet," and peered into his wallet.

The beer crowd, meanwhile, started chanting, "four more beers!"

Potus said, "I'll tell you what, except for Romney sign, I'll but beers for ten people."

Then he plunged back into the beer crowd.

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