Four years ago today, on January 22, 2009, President Barack Obama signed "EXECUTIVE ORDER -- REVIEW AND DISPOSITION OF INDIVIDUALS DETAINED AT THE GUANTÁNAMO BAY NAVAL BASE AND CLOSURE OF DETENTION FACILITIES." In particular, the executive order stated:

Closure of Detention Facilities at Guantánamo. The detention facilities at Guantánamo for individuals covered by this order shall be closed as soon as practicable, and no later than 1 year from the date of this order. If any individuals covered by this order remain in detention at Guantánamo at the time of closure of those detention facilities, they shall be returned to their home country, released, transferred to a third country, or transferred to another United States detention facility in a manner consistent with law and the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.

The Gitmo detention facility, however, remains open and operating exactly four years later.

"This first executive order, that we are signing, uh, by the authority vested in me as president of the const… uh, the president by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, in order to affect the appropriate disposition of the individuals currently detained by the Department of Defense at Guantanamo, and promptly to close the detention facility at Guantanamo consistent with the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States and interests of justice, I hereby order," Obama clearly stated at the signing ceremony four years ago today.

"And we then provide, uh, the process whereby Guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now."

Here's video of Obama signing the executive order, uploaded to YouTube by Michael Moore:

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