Republican congressman Fred Upton, the Energy and Commerce chairman and author of the "Keep Your Health Plan Act," spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives Friday morning, ahead of the vote on the bill. Here's an excerpt:

"For the last six weeks, the White House stood idly by, ignoring the pleas of millions. But as the administration’s allies in Congress panicked, the White House went from attacking our thoughtful bill to making an end run around Congress with a unilateral 'fix,'" said Upton. "Our straightforward, one page bill that says if you like your current coverage, you should be able to keep it. The president should heed his own advice and work with Congress as the Founders intended, not around the legislative process. Everyone today should embrace the Keep Your Health Plan Act, and our efforts to protect Americans from the damage of this law should not stop there. Let’s keep the promise."

Watch the video below:

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