TWS friend Tom Winkler has posted some wonderful photos from France's remembrance of 9/11 over the weekend on his blog:

Winkler writes: "The program for the day included a children's choir singing songs, French high schoolers reading letters of condolence from other students, a live report from a French CNN correspondent in Kabul, and the presentation of a medal to a NYFD firefighter by the US ambassador to France. I showed up a few minutes after the ceremony started and just as a heavy rain began to fall. The street in front of the stage was closed to cars, and several hundred people, as many French as American, huddled under umbrellas trying to keep dry. The stage did not have a roof, and the moderator, musicians, and school children took a good soaking. The moderator's enthusiasm never flagged, and he pointed out that this commemoration was the largest in the world outside the United States. He repeatedly made reference to the close and long-standing relationship between France and the US..."

Whole thing here.

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