A new batch of polls out today shows most Senate races holding steady, with one possible exception. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, shows West Virginia governor and Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin leading Republican John Raese by 3 points (48% to 45%), just a couple weeks after trailing Raese by a few points. It will be interesting to see if other pollsters pick up the same movement. Last week, Rasmussen showed Raese leading Manchin 50% to 44%.

Meanwhile, the Nevada race remains tight. PPP shows Harry Reid leading Sharron Angle by 2 points in Nevada (47% to 45%). But Fox News finds Angle with 2 point lead (49% to 47%).

From Fox's other polls out today (GOP candidates listed first):

Linda McMahon is trailing Dick Blumenthal by just 6 points in Connecticut (43% to 49%)--a slight improvement from the last Fox poll showing her down 10.

The Washington Senate race remains close, with Dino Rossi is up 1 point over Sen. Patty Murray (47% to 46%).

The Delaware Senate race has failed to tighten, with Christine O'Donnell trailing Chris Coons by 16 points (38% to 54%).

Finally, Rasmussen shows Republican Ron Johnson leading Democratic senator Russ Feingold 52% to 45% in the the Wisconsin Senate race--a little closer than it was two weeks ago (54% to 42%). But the poll is still bad news for Feingold, who remains stuck in the mid-forties as he was all summer.

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