With just days before Georgia's May 20 primary election, the leading Republican candidate has suggested he would support raising taxes as a way to fix the economy. Speaking to editorial board of the Macon Telegraph, businessman David Perdue said he supports "both" curbing government spending and increasing revenue. When a member of the board pointed out that "increasing revenue" is a euphemism for "raising taxes," Perdue reportedly "chuckled."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more of his remarks:

Well here’s the reality: If you go into a business, and I keep coming back to my background, it’s how I know how to relate is to refer back to it — I was never able to turn around a company just by cutting spending. You had to figure out a way to get revenue growing. And what I just said, there are five people in the U.S. Senate who understand what I just said. You know revenue is not something they think about.

On his website, Perdue says he "will not support a tax increase of any kind." A spokesman tells the AJC that Perdue was talking about growing the economy as a way to raise revenue, not raising taxes.

Perdue, a businessman and first-time candidate, has lead in nearly every recent poll of the crowded GOP primary for Senate, though he, nor any other candidate, are likely to reach 50 percent in the primary to avoid a runoff. Among the other candidates, congressman Jack Kingston and former secretary of state Karen Handel have been polling closely behind Perdue, and it's likely two of those three will proceed to the July 22 runoff. Congressmen Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey are also running for the nomination.

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