A new Gallup poll shows the American people say climate change is one of the problems they worry about the least.

The polling firm asked Americans how much they worry about 15 separate issues facing the country, with the economy, federal spending, and health care ranking at the top. Fifty-nine percent said the economy and jobs were an issue they worried about "a great deal," and 58 percent and 57 percent said the same for federal spending and health-care affordability, respectively.

But climate change ranked second-to-last, with just 24 percent saying they worried about it a great deal, 25 percent saying they worried "a fair amount" about it, and 51 percent saying they cared about it "a little" or "not at all." Gallup has also found that concern for environmental issues over the last decade and a half has reached an all-time low, at 31 percent, compared to a high in 2007 of 43 percent.

Gallup's poll comes two days after 28 Democratic senators held an all-night "talk-a-thon" about climate change, urging the body (for which they hold a majority of seats) to vote for federal action. Senate majority leader Harry Reid told THE WEEKLY STANDARD on Tuesday that bad weather was evidence of climate change and disparaged those who don't believe the changes are serious.

"These deniers are, as each day as the weather gets worse, are becoming less credible," said Reid.

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