A new Gallup poll shows that Americans want repeal and that about two-thirds of those who want repeal think it’s “very important.”

Gallup shows that, by a margin of 5 percentage points (47 to 42 percent), Americans want repeal, with independents favoring repeal by a 5-point margin as well (48 to 43 percent). Gallup didn’t screen for likely or even registered voters, which tends to skew such surveys to the left. Indeed, Gallup’s respondents included far more Democrats than Republicans (and likely more Democratic-leaning independents than Republican-leaning independents), even though the two parties turned out in even numbers last year. Rasmussen, which does screen for likely voters, shows that Americans favor repeal by 18 points (55 to 37 percent).

Gallup also shows that 66 percent of those who favor repeal think it’s “very important,” while 96 percent of those who favor repeal think it’s at least “somewhat important.” Moreover, the poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly favor “a system based mostly on private health insurance” to “a government-run health care system.” Americans favor a privately run system by a margin of 17 points (56 to 39 percent).

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