According to the latest Gallup poll, support for Newt Gingrich has dropped from 37 percent to 31 percent in just the course of a week. He still maintains a comfortable lead over Romney, whose support has held steady at 22 percent in Gallup's poll. However, the rapid drop suggests that maybe some of the attacks on Gingrich have taken their toll. Unlike Romney, who enjoyed frontrunner status for a long time with the other candidates seemingly unwilling to lay into him, as soon as Gingrich rocketed to the top, other GOP candidates went straight for the jugular. Ron Paul released an attack ad going after the problematic aspects of Gingrich's record. Paul is now one point behind Gingrich in Iowa, according to Public Policy Polling's latest poll.

Still, yesterday's NBC/WSJ poll had Gingrich hitting 40 percent nationally, so it's too soon to tell whether Gallup's slipping support is anomalous or a leading indicator. But given how quickly Gingrich raced to the top of the polls, it wouldn't be surprising to see him drop back down in the polls after taking a 15 point lead. The question is, can he maintain the lead in the polls or will he continue to drop in the face of heavy attacks on his long and uneven record?

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