Last night, the tail end of Thanksgiving weekend, Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer made a major announcement. “Senator Joe Lieberman’s reputation as a reformer and a man of integrity is unrivaled in American politics,” Roemer said in a press release sent out by his campaign. “He is unequivocally my first choice for a Vice Presidential running mate.”

The former Louisiana governor and former congressman from that state continued to praise Lieberman and to say that they share “similar stories.”

“We are both public servants who switched political parties,” Roemer, a former Democrat, said. “We both understand that we have to change the very nature of our political system, that campaign finance reform is sorely needed, and that corruption is a real problem in Washington, D.C. Joe and I both served our states in addition to being elected to federal office…”

But for Roemer, “the most important point” is that “Joe and I both have the capacity to transcend partisanship, to put America first, and to solve America’s problems. I am asking independent-minded voters to imagine what we could accomplish with this ticket. Americans are justifiably frustrated with their politicians and parties. Joe and I could change that. To me, it’s a dream team.”

In the press release, Roemer’s campaign makes clear that Lieberman had not yet been consulted on the matter. “Roemer’s statement is not meant to imply any decision on Senator Lieberman’s part as to whether he would run for Vice President, only that Governor Roemer thinks highly of the Senator and believes he would be the best person for the job,” the campaign wrote after Roemer’s statement.

As it turns out, Lieberman is not interested in accepting Roemer’s offer at this time. Marshall Wittmann, communications director for Lieberman’s office, responded this morning to Roemer’s offer. “The senator is grateful for the governor's gracious bipartisan gesture,” Whitmann said in an email to me, “but he has been there, done that and has the t-shirt and the chad to prove it.”

Perhaps Roemer’s press release was sent out too soon, or perhaps he realized that Senator Joe Lieberman might not accept his offer. A few hours after he made his announcement, Roemer tweeted, “Out of curiosity, who would my Twitter followers want me to choose as VP?”

Roemer has not yet received the requisite support in order to participate in a Republican presidential primary debate and does not register on the RealClearPolitics average of polls.

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