Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner of Colorado has a new TV ad saying the Senate needs a "new generation--one that's accountable to the next generation." The 39-year-old congressman says he wants to "shake up the Senate" but doesn't mention by name his Democratic opponent, first-term senator Mark Udall. Gardner's ad features his daughter and was shot in his hometown of Yuma, "two hours from the big city"--Denver, that is.

Watch the ad below, courtesy of the Denver Post's Lynn Bartels:

Bartels reports the Gardner campaign will be spending $415,000 to air the ad on network stations and $80,000 on cable.

Gardner faces a genuine toss-up race against Udall, with the Real Clear Politics poll average shows the 63-year-old senator with a 1.7-point lead over Gardner. Meanwhile, Democrats have already begun to tag Gardner as an extremist:

The Udall campaign and liberal groups have fired back hard on what could be Gardner’s biggest liability in the critical Denver suburbs. ProgressNow Colorado began in March, calling out Gardner for his past support for the controversial pro-life “personhood” ballot initiative that failed in Colorado in 2010. (By legally defining every fertilized egg as a “person” under state law, it would have effectively banned all abortions.) Many mainstream pro-life groups, including National Right to Life and the Eagle Forum, object to personhood amendments for being too extreme, and Gardner told the Denver Post in late March that he now opposes personhood efforts. The congressman says he’s pro-life but that he changed his mind about personhood after he learned more about the issue. That hasn’t stopped the Udall camp from making it the focus of its first anti-Gardner ad.

“Congressman Gardner’s history promoting harsh anti-abortion laws is disturbing,” says a female voiceover as a rainbow coalition of stone-faced women look disapprovingly at the camera. “But Mark Udall protects our right to choose, our access to birth control.”

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