At The Witherspoon Institute, a think tank founded by Princeton Professor Robert P. George and devoted to discussing ethics in the public square, Public Discourse editor Ryan T. Anderson kicks off a new series of essays designed to inform the discussion of the upcoming presidential election:

Today, Public Discourse launches a ten-day symposium on “Liberty, Justice, and the Common Good: Political Principles for 2012 and Beyond.” With a view to the next election, we’ve commissioned ten essays, each covering one of the major policy areas that scores of Public Discourse pieces have examined, to give us a survey of the landscape as we scrutinize the candidates who inhabit it. We also hope these articles will prompt the candidates themselves to think through these issues more thoroughly, as they look to enact good policy and not just curry favor with various factions.

Contributors to the series include such conservative heavyweights as Ed Whelan, Yuval Levin and Robert P. George himself. The first essay by O. Carter Snead on how "Abortion and embryo-destructive research are profound and lethal violations of this principle of equality to which the law (and the President) must respond" is already up. It's well worth the read, and I suspect the rest of the series will be tremendously edifying.

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