Every Christmas there’s some newfangled toy that kids clamor for​—​Cabbage Patch Kids, Furby, Tickle Me Elmo. Could this be the year of the Breast Milk Baby?

As CBS Los Angeles reports,

Breast Milk Baby, the brainchild of Spain’s Berjuan Toys, is fashioned so little girls can learn how to breastfeed and nurture a child. All children have to do is put on a halter top that has sensors sewn in the nipples, which are covered with petal appliqués. When the doll is held near the sensors, the baby begins to make suckling noises.

Slightly creepy? For now, the doll is available strictly online in the United States. But the toy’s maker is undaunted and will probably milk any controversy for all it’s worth. Still, at $89, the Breast Milk Baby cannot possibly (we pray) be the next big thing, can it? It is, as it happens, wildly popular in Europe. Then again, so is David Hasselhoff.

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