President Obama's former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, says it was "certainly" wrong for the president to continuously promise that people would be able to keep their health care plans under Obamacare:

"Robert. you're a communications guy and you were there," said an MSNBC host this morning. "How could the president say, and there's a clip we'll show where he says it many, many, many, many -- I remember it -- 'You can keep your plan.' When you know that 5 percent of the people, and 5 percent is obviously a small part of the story and overall the impact if you believe in this law is better than what happens here, but it's millions of people. You know what's going to happen in the press. You know there's going to be hardships for those people. Why would you let your president say that?"

"Well, look, I don't recall significant discussions around some of the verbage on this, to be a hundred percent honest with you," said Gibbs this morning.

"But do you agree it was a wrong move?"

"Oh, well, certainly," said Gibbs. "I mean, I don't think anybody dealing with this today finds what was said. Now, I do think some explanation in terms of the fact that policies that were in place at the point at which the president signed them were grandfathered in for this."

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