Earlier this week, I reported on the absurdity of the open GOP Senate primary in Nebraska. Currently, outside groups affiliated with prominent Republican leaders are flooding the state with dishonest attack ads on the leading Republican candidate in the race, apparently motivated by petty intraparty rivalries. And now the Washington Post and the Center for Public Integrity have tallied up some pretty damning statistics on how this GOP feuding is damaging the party:

According to a great new study from the Center for Public Integrity's Dave Levinthal, conservative super PACs and other outside groups this year have spent nearly three times as much money directly attacking fellow Republicans ($9.7 million) as directly attacking Democrats ($3.7 million).

Here's where things get even more interesting: If you take it a step further and combine all spending by conservative and liberal outside groups, a majority of the money spent by these kinds of groups expressly for or against a candidate -- 53.8 percent -- has been used to attack Republicans ($9.7 million from conservative groups and $13.8 million from liberal groups), while a measly 8.5 percent has been used to attack Democrats.

The GOP is spending 64 percent of all the money used on ads for or against candidates this year, but its candidates are bearing the brunt of more than six times as many attacks ads as Democrats.

Read the whole Post report here.

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