The Young Guns Network, a group affiliated with House Republican majority leader Eric Cantor, is encouraging Democrats in Indiana to vote in the May 8 GOP primary for incumbent senator Dick Lugar. Politico's Maggie Haberman first reported that the YG Network has been sending mailers to Indiana voters reminding Democrats and independents that they can register to vote in the open primary and encouraging those folks to vote for Lugar and against his conservative challenger, Richard Mourdock. Take a look:

View the rest of the mailing, which criticizes Mourdock's conservative views on eliminating federal education spending and says the choice is "between extreme cuts and mainstream Indiana leadership," here.

According to its website, the YG Network is "dedicated to supporting center-right policies and the efforts of policymakers who fight for those policies," though some conservatives may questions whether federal money spent on "investing in education" and funding the Department of Education are "center-right policies."

In related news, the American Action Network, a group founded by former GOP senator Norm Coleman and Douglas Holtz-Eakin, has halted its ad campaign on behalf of Lugar. The group had been running this television ad for the last two weeks in Indiana markets.

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