Republican operatives in Washington are praising Scott Brown's latest campaign ad. The ad, a contrast spot being run by the Republican Massachusetts senator, shows that Brown's Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, is to the left on economic issues of John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. Watch here:

Instead of being in the mainstream, Warren, along with President Barack Obama, is shown to be an opponent of free enterprise. The ad is called, "Let America Be America Again."

"Devastating," says one Republican operative. "Long--but does a really good job of showing how radical the Obama/Warren view of the economy really is." The operative believes it should "absolutely" be emulated by other Republican candidates around the country, and adds, "it's such a positive message as opposed to the angry, negative Obama/Warren attacks on free enterprise."

"Powerful," says one top Republican Senate staffer. "I think Brown is touching on a central nerve of American body politic. It's a model for others to follow if they get as lucky with an opponent so far out of touch with American ideals."

The Senate staffer explains: "Americans want to believe in the American dream. Hard work, good morals, commitment to ethics and a little ingenuity can take you anywhere--that's what our parents taught us, that's what makes this land the beacon of hope for billions around the world--and if you're a candidate who disagrees with that fundamental view of America, then you don't deserve to represent Americans in the Senate."

Likewise, a Republican ad man, responsible for many popular and successful election ads, has praise for this spot. "It's a nice spot - smart of them to mix in democrats. It's an effective device that allows them to hit Obama and Elizabeth Warren," says the ad man. "I'm a fan of big positive Americana spots like these. People like warm fuzzy feelings. Apple pie, morning in America--and all that jazz."

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