The Internet may yet become a high-minded place, if our good friends at the Foundation for Constitutional Government have any say in the matter. To complement their websites devoted to important contemporary thinkers (Walter Berns, Irving Kristol, Harvey Mansfield, James Q. Wilson), they have now launched, a group of curated websites devoted to political philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche.

Each site features original essays, searchable bibliographies of the key works of the political philosopher, some of the best secondary sources, and a wealth of audio and video content related to that thinker.

The Scrapbook urges you to send the link—again, it’s—to college students of your acquaintance as they head back for the fall semester. For that matter, readers may well want to continue their own studies at the site. After all, far too often, higher education is wasted on the young. And we’re confident the Great Thinker sites will appeal to readers of all ages.

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