Flotilla organizers are always insistent that their mission to break Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is strictly humanitarian. So although the latest flotilla has been prevented from leaving Athens by Greek authorities, one might think that the organizers would at least be willing to accept Greece's offer to deliver the supposed aid that would be on board to the Palestinians themselves. But that's not the case.

Instead, the flotilla organizers have declined Greece's offer, and are planning to hunger strike until Greek authorities let them leave the port. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Organizers of the flotilla seeking to break Israel’s blockade over the Gaza Strip on Sunday rejected an offer by Athens to allow Greek Navy ships to transfer the humanitarian aid they had planned to bring with them to Gaza on their behalf.

Earlier on Sunday, activists on the flotilla ship The Audacity of Hope announced an open-ended hunger strike aimed at pressuring the US government to allow the ship to set sail to the Gaza Strip, organizers said.

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