Note to Republicans: Don't take unsolicited advice from Harry Reid.

Black but no longer blue.

"Herman Cain: I Promise To Violate My Oath Of Office Before I Even Get To Take It."

In academia, they'll tolerate you hating Israel -- making fun of sexual assualt victims, not so much.

"Is the goal to fight or cut spending?"

Hugo Chavez -- obesity crusader, or fully aware of the end result of his economic policies?

In California, if you get arrested for drunk driving they impound your car for 30 days. Unless, of course, you are an illegal alien, in which case you get to keep your car.

But hey, thanks to unions the teachers and/or administrators responsible for this will probably never be fired.

Trump releases his birth certificate -- but can we get documentation on the authencity of his hair?

The Obama administration's 'smart power' at work.

Huh. Elizabeth Taylor "offered herself as a hostage for the more than 100 Air France hijack victims held by terrorists at Entebbe Airport in Uganda during the tense days before the Israeli rescue raid.”

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