Politico: "Biden: Tea partiers like 'terrorists'"

Keith Hennessey: "Quick summary of the Budget Control Act"

Paul Krugman:Suddenly, Default Doesn't Seem So Bad

New Yorker: "Getting Bin Laden"

Ross Douthat: "The Diminished President"

The New Republic: "Protecting Entitlements Is a Strange and Self-Destructive Principle for Liberals"

Peter Wehner: "What happens to an ideologue when the president in whom he invested enormous hope is increasingly seen as a failure?"

Allen West: "While you’re wasting time trying to come up with the 100% perfect plan, the enemy is probably going to kick your butt. Keep your eye on the path to victory. If you can come up with the 70-75% plan and execute it well, you can win."

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