Rick Sanchez apologizes to Jon Stewart.

Politico: Ruling could be setback for civilian terror trials.

Video: Medal of Honor awarded posthumously to Staff Sgt. Robert Miller.

Fairleigh Dickinson poll: Coons 53, O’Donnell 36.

"The NRA is Helping Preserve the Anti Gun Democrat Majority."

Alexi Giannoulias bails out of Illinois Senate debate at 11th hour.

Joe Biden threatens to "strangle" Republicans. Thankfully he didn't say he wants to "target" them.

Nate Silver on Gallup's latest poll: "Those are absolutely terrifying numbers for Democrats."

"Saudi Prince: I Did Kill This Man, But Don't Worry, I Am Not Gay."

Mark Hemingway: "Why do environmentalists keep depicting child murder?"

Big government on your back?

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